I have always been a romantic but for few years now instead of being blinded by fantasy, I have been very attached to the honest registration of my most apparently incomprehensible truths: my dreams.

I have always being obsessed with collecting things. Before the dreams there was a project of collecting portraits of myself done by my loved ones or close friends. After getting more than eighty portraits and still not knowing if I liked myself or not, a friend who read tarot advised me to look inside myself. I remember the card that had the image of a warrior laying on a kind of table, with a spade hanging on top of him pointing towards his sixth chakra, commonly known has the third eye, which is related to intuition.
Then I went back to live in my father's house, and found a book of Jodorowsky where he talked about shamanic techniques to be conscious in our dreams. I only managed to start writing my dreams (and draw if necessary to explain the inconceivable beats). With that simple plan I created a direct link in which every night before going to sleep I posed some urgent questions to be answered and then went to sleep. Now ten years later, I have created a bridge, the more I write and draw my dreams the more I dream.
The body remains central to the images. I am always visiting difficult architectures or amazing geographies and especially lost or loved ones. In that way my unconscious is a source from which I can obtain materials to work with when the world seems to repeat itself or forget me. With the elements that I remember and the way in which I position myself in the dream, I rebuild in the daytime a kind of moral. There is always a solution to the problem and I always end up learning a lesson even if it was a nightmare.
I am mostly grateful that it is in the act of drawing these scenarios that the solution or moral is revealed. Because if I keep them in my memory they stay as entangled and senseless events. It is only in the patient process of placing honestly the heart of the event on a paper that I can untangle it and become able to knit a useful material for my real life. Sometimes the time passes and when I come back to one of the drawings it still revealing with enormous sincerity things that are difficult to accept about "reality". My drawings of dreams encourage me to abandon my inhibitions and embrace my potential and to see beyond conventionality. I also love to share them.