My practice is a product of my relationship to the world and my experience with it, so that the subject matter is mainly culturally related and is somewhat politically inclined.
At a very early age, my father, who is also an artist, used to gather my brothers and me to paint and create collages. This practice allowed us to play with the multiple meanings of a single object or image. It is interesting how the place and meaning that an everyday object has is relevant to the context in which it is found. These early experiences stimulated my curiosity to analyze the meaning of certain images that our society has already codified and move them into a new conceptual space. I used this strategy when I created "Una Mas” , the enlgish title: “Another".
"Another" is a 5 min. film/video collage that screams out about a social problem and falls into a collage of images. I used images that would communicate through my alteration and through the editing the message of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. For over a decade, women of low socioeconomic class have been disappearing mysteriously and openly from that city. To portray this situation, I gathered images from different sources, some my own old black and white film stock, others from foreign and well know films in order to portray the diversity of sexual harassment of women throughout the world’s many cultures. I wanted to critique and satirize the 'fair use' footage to communicate different forms of cultural criticism. The editing builds up an intense suspense until it breaks with a single metaphorical image