Ausencias y Presencias (Absences and Presences) has been one of the themes that I’ve most explored over the course of the past three years. Emotional loss and the presence and absence of those that can’t be present is perhaps the most personal and vital theme in my current work.

After having lived nearly nine years in Mexico City, where I learned about and followed the events related to the disappeared and assassinated women of Ciudad Juarez, and because this theme was tightly connected to my artistic interests, I began a series of works that attempt to reflect the loss, the sadness and the loneliness suffered by so many families that no longer have their daughters, sisters, teachers, mothers….
Violence against women, as it is manifest in these cases, isn’t just a form of sex discrimination. It is a kind of violation of the rights of all living beings, the right to physical wholeness, to liberty, security and the idea of protection under the law.
My full proposal for this work is the installation of a table with 370 plates, with the names of each of the women disappeared over the past 10 years in Ciuadad Juarez and in Chihuahua. Each plate is white, with the name of each disappeared or murdered woman, along with the date she disappeared, appearing in relief in the center of each plate.
In parallel to this work, “Mesa Servida” (the Table is Served), I will present a work from the series “Ausentes #3” (Absences #3). This is an installation of small porcelain rolls hung from the wall as a kind of reminder, a record of lament, desire, of the will to not forget.